What makes a church a church?

At the next Theological Happy Hour, we’ll be discussing the nature of the true Church.

What makes a church a church? Can any gathering be called a “church”?

The (Mormon) Church of the Latter-Day Saints uses the word “church,” but is it really a church?  Is a denominational church, a church in the proper sense? The Salvation Army looks like a church, but it doesn’t practice the sacraments. Is it a church?

How do we know which “churches” really belong to the Church? This will be our topic for discussion on Friday. If you would like to prepare for the discussion by reading up on the topic, I’m including three views along with links below (Keep in mind no reading or prior theological knowledge is required. Everyone is welcome to come out for the discussion).

Three Views To Consider

1. Anglican. Many Anglicans/Episcopalians have pointed to a document called the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral

2. Roman Catholic. Before becoming Pope Benedict, Cardinal Ratzinger issued the Declaration Dominus Iesus (“Lord Jesus”) which provided clarifications for Roman Catholic theology and ecumenical work in the Post Vatican II era. Chapters IV, V, and VI are about the nature of the Church and can be read here.

3. Reformed. John Calvin’s theology of the church summarized here in this article, Calvin’s Understanding of the Church and its Relevance for the Ecumenical Movement.

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Jon Ziegler