What is Maundy Thursday

“Maundy” isn’t exactly a word we use everyday. You might be familiar with the word “mandate.” These words come from the same Latin root. On Thursday—the night Jesus was betrayed and arrested—Jesus washed his disciple’s feet and he instituted what Christians call “the Lord’s Supper” or “the Holy Eucharist.” In between the washing and meal, Jesus said, “A new command I give to you” or in Latin from which we get the word Maundy, “mandatum novum do vobis.” Jesus gave them a new command—that they love one another.

This is the Maundy, the mandatum, the mandate. This is what feet washing (servanthood) is all about. This is what the celebration of the Eucharist is all about. This is what the cross is all about. It’s all about love.

Come and get your love on. Thursday @ 7pm in the library of Iglesia de La Comunidad – 115 N. Ave 53 – 90042.

Jon Ziegler