What’s the Big Deal about Baptism?

If you have spent even a little time around our church, you’ve probably noticed we make a really big deal about baptism.

Somehow it comes up in almost every sermon. On some Sundays we have special moments where we “renew our baptismal vows.” And we mention baptism every Sunday at communion.

Actually, our obsession with baptism isn’t unique. Most Christians throughout the centuries have shared the same preoccupation.

Sunday after church, we are going to have 20-minute class about baptism. This class will be helpful for those who have already been baptized—but want better understanding of what happened in their baptism. This class will also be great for those who are considering being baptized or having their children baptized or even understanding why someone would want to have their children baptized. (Many of us grew up in churches that did not baptize babies or small children so the idea seems foreign to us).

On Sunday we’ll take some time to go deeper into the Church’s teaching on baptism. Hopefully you can stay around for this brief teaching segment as we discuss a theology that is so central to the life the Church and every Christian believer.

Jon Ziegler